Legacy Baryta

Epson Legacy Baryta

Experience the traditional feel and texture of a classic darkroom paper with your modern digital printer by using Epson's Legacy Baryta Paper.

Using two barium sulphate coatings along with a microporous ink receptive layer this paper is able to replicate the look of a silver halide darkroom paper with a smooth satin finish. It is also an excellent paper on its own, using a 100% alpha cellulose base with a weight rated at 314 gsm and a thickness of 12 mil.

Also, using minimal OBA content, the Legacy Baryta paper achieves a brightness of 93% and a whiteness of 90%. In order to maintain longevity, the paper is acid & lignin free and pH buffered.

This paper has been discontinued effective 3/1/2020
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Epson Legacy Baryta - 13"x19" - 25 Sheets $99.00  $79.20 Sale $
Epson Legacy Baryta - 17"X22" - 25 Sheets $125.00  $100.00 Sale $